How to wear leggings and jeggings to look cool and stylish?

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The classic leggings – more than just a comfortable pantyhose

For quite some time, leggings from the fashion world have become indispensable. Mostly made of jersey, polyester, lycra, cotton and sometimes also made of leather, the leggings skin on the legs, is very practical and also super comfortable. In combination with trendy blazers, longer cut ladies shirts or tunics, leggings can be staged stylishly in every season. In addition, leggings are extremely versatile and everyday, sport and depending on the model also suitable for going out and thus a very uncomplicated multi-talent. Of course, high-quality leggings have the advantage over particularly low-priced models that they feel much more comfortable on the skin and promise a much longer life span than their low-price low-priced colleagues.So let’s start looking at the images of how to wear leggings ?

Add more elegance to your style with leather jacket

Add more elegance to your style with leather jacket

The staple model on leave look works though you are not a runway regular, all you wish may be a animal skin moto jacket, white tee, leggings and sneakers à la Kendall Jenner.

Basic tank and black shoe, leggings + hatBasic tank and black shoe, leggings + hat

Pick up note from Chrissy Teigen and upgrade an easy white tank and black leggings by topping off the design with a transparent duster jacket and wide hat.

Black from top to bottom Black from top to bottom


Keep the design polished by pairing with a cropped high, duster trench jacket and animal skin boots.

Very showy and stylish leggings

Very showy and stylish leggings

California may be a place wherever you ne’er witness dullness once it involves the colours and patterns of the costumes.

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