Guide for Bridesmaids: Makeup, Hair, Dresses and Others

Tips for Bridesmaids, Bride and Guests

For the bride, the choice of the right hairstyle is of course particularly important: After all, she should appear on her wedding day as beautiful as never before. However, it is not easy for the guests to find the perfect look: On the one hand, every woman wants to appear in her best light, on the other hand, the bride must not be overshadowed. In both cases there is already a golden rule: The styling must fit with your type and your style. Incidentally, this applies both in terms of hairstyle as well as make-up. After all, the wedding hairstyle should not look like “put on”, but bring out all your benefits.

Basic and Black Bridesmaid Dresses

Basic and black bridesmaid dresses

Cicogne Hairstyle
Cicogne Hairstyle

This beautiful hairstyle can intensify your bridesmaids’ necks. “It’s primarily associate open tube that goes from one finish to the opposite forming a crown around your head,” comments Barbetto.

Focus to the Lips
Focus to the lips

If color palette of your bridal party is a lot of muted an attractive thanks to inject color is to decide on a daring lip colour for your bridesmaids. combine this look with a straightforward or a lot of natural overall buildup look to actually make those lips pop.

Gorgeous Fall Bridesmaids Dress
Gorgeous fall bridesmaids dress

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