DIY – Handmade Purse and Wallet Ideas & Sew Recommendations

Diy Handmade purse and wallet ideas for children and adults

But even the “big ones” are allowed to use the purse. It is quite suitable for holidays or day trips where you do not want to carry the complete wallet with all the cards.


All non-flexible fabric types are suitable. Since the purse is quite small, can also be processed wonderful fabric remnants.

Sponge stylish design

5-Sponge stylish design

Trust Design Sponge to come up with this stylish idea for a storage purse.

DIY fancy purse 6-DIY fancy purse

This fancy DIY purse from Japanese Sewing Books

DIY fox pencil case 7-DIY fox pencil case

DIY fox pencil case from

Ruffle zip pouches 10-Ruffle zip pouches

Ruffle zip pouches from See Kate Sew

Diy wallet from Alice and Lois 14-Diy wallet from Alice and Lois

Construction and designed by Alice and Lois

DIY eye print pouch 15-DIY eye print pouch

DIY eye print pouch from My Friend Court

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