DIY – Handmade Purse and Wallet Ideas & Sew Recommendations

Diy Handmade purse and wallet ideas and tips

Soon, the beginning of school is everywhere again at the door. Here find change in zipper pocket and the one or the other ticket and ticket, student card, etc. in the open bill pocket. The schoolchild can also hang the purse around his neck so everything is safely stowed away.

DIY Emoji face purse

1-DIY Emoji face purse

This diy Emoji face purse, just as A Beautiful Mess

DIY heart purse 3-DIY heart purse

This diy heart purse from A Beautiful Mess

DIY mouth purse 11-DIY mouth purse

This DIY mouth purse from A Beautiful Mess

DIY panda pouch 9-DIY panda pouch

This diy panda pouch purse from Plutomeisje

Pineapple print pouch

12-Pineapple print pouch

This pineapple print pouch from The Lovely Drawer

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