DIY – Handmade Purse and Wallet Ideas & Sew Recommendations

The purse is a small wallet that was developed for adults, but also for children. Especially for new school students, it is very well, because the first way into self-employment should indeed be committed with a first own wallet.

But even the “big ones” are allowed to use the purse. It is quite suitable for holidays or day trips where you do not want to carry the complete wallet with all the cards.

DIY dalmatians makeup bag

4-DIY dalmatians makeup bag

DIY dalmatians makeup bag from Pottery Barn

Eye-catching makeup purse 8-Eye-catching makeup purse

Here’s an eye-catching makeup storage purse from Homey Oh My

DIY white dotted pouche 2-DIY white dotted pouche

These DIY white dotted pouches are perfect for storing from Lia Griffith

Polka dot pouch 13-Polka dot pouch

This polka dot pouch looks perfect made by Handmadiya

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